Saturday, October 09, 2004

Dublin Visit

Back from a gig trip to Dublin. Wrecked but had a great time as Jurgen's band was brillant!

Firstly got a lift up and stopped to visit the Uncle's shop.

A picture of the man himself.

This is what a wallpaper shop looks like.

Meet up with Aidan after doing some shopping and we called out to his place in
Irish town. He'd had a rotten week with his CD collection being stolen from his
car. It was then a cup of tea and off to dinner at Milano's (Pizza Express really). We walked over the bridge and down past the Point, there has been some serious urban renewal going on there and its now a bit trendy and a lot safer to walk around at night.

The main event was the Jimmy Cake and the gig in the Spiel tent at the IFSC which was quite a nice little venue with lots of Erdlinger beer! Here's Jurgen's and the band in action.

Apologies about the picture quality but I was trying the new phone which has only a 1.3 or so Mega pixel lenses so it doesn't really cut it unless you scale the images to 320X240 or so.

Headed back on the Train following morning and even made it in for Friday afternoon.


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