Monday, November 08, 2004

Open-Source Politics & Political Video Games

Here's an interesting piece on the bottom-up / grass roots approach which occurred within the US Presidential's.

And on a related subject here's an article on Political Video Games, we've seen it with Langerland's Dail Reshuffle but we've so far missed the directed games such as those used by the new Senator John Thune against the now ex-Senator and previous House Minority leader Tom Daschle to further emphasis the theme of his campaign that Tom Daschle was actually two persona's. This was the core of the message which Senator Thune used for the previous two years in his campaign for election and again helped to highlight his core message.

Thune also used a community of bloggers such DaschleVThune to reinforce his message albeit with a negative tone but one that again shows the use of grass root movements via the Internet to achieve a particular campaign goal.


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