Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Another ski school day

Arrived to a new ski instructor for the classes today who had an important but seldom noted ski instructor skill that of a developed taste bud as he's promised to show us all the nice traditional restaurants around the mountain and given lunch today I've high hopes.

Loads of new arrivals with Donal's sister and her friend telling us all the interesting stories from the Gardai and Donal's girl friend's cousin is due to arrive so its a full house. By the end of the week will be taking over the village at this rate. Nothing other than some skiing improvement to note. Here's another url for the bookmarks


  • Meath Chronicle as Chronic Poll!

    The survey, by Orchard Research and Analysis Ltd., conducted last Friday, Saturday and Monday across all five of Meath’s electoral division, showed the FF candidate, Shane Cassells, obtaining 36.7 per cent of the first preferences. Sinn Fein’s Joe Reilly’s 14.9 per cent share of the vote confounds the results of recent national opinion polls on his party’s level of support.

    A dismal showing of just 20.4 per cent of first preferences in the survey for Shane McEntee, who is campaigning to retain the FG seat of the new EU envoy in Washington, John Bruton, leaves him marooned behind the FF candidate. The survey found that transfers from Labour’s Dominic Hannigan were not high enough to get the FG candidate elected.

    Based on a sample of 502 voters spread over all Meath’s five electoral areas with those participating filling out a mock ballot paper, the survey also reveals a dramatic lift in support for Labour, whose candidate, Colr Hannigan, obtains 13.3 per cent of first preferences. Labour got just 4.26 per cent in the last general election and eight per cent in the 2004 local elections.

    In the 2002 general election, however, former Labour TD, Brian Fitzgerald, ran as an independent. Independent candidates got 10.23 per cent of the vote in 2002. Colr Fitzgerald is not running in the by-election, a factor which may have affected the resurgence of Labour’s vote.

    Despite his remarkable 14.9 per cent showing in the survey’s first count, SF’s Colr Reilly would be eliminated on the third count as he was not picking up enough transfers from other candidates to stay in contention. The largest number (21) of his transfers in the survey (76, of which 25 are non-transferable) go to FF’s Shane Cassells. The others, a total of 30, are divided as follows - Labour, 18 and FG, 12.

    The SF candidate gets just three transfers in the survey, two on the second count when the votes of the Green and non-party candidates are distributed and one from Progressive Democrats candidate, Sirena Campbell.

    The transfer pact between FG and Labour Party leaders, Enda Kenny and Pat Rabbitte, is not holding up strongly, judging by the survey’s results. Labour’s Colr Hannigan, eliminated on the fifth count, transfers 30 to the FG candidate, with 25 going to Colr Cassells and the other 54 non-transferable.

    The dramatic improvement in Colr Reilly’s votes, 14.9 per cent compared with 9.4 per cent in the 2002 general election, flies in the face of national opinion polls showing the party on seven to nine per cent.

    By Blogger Dan Sullivan, at 5:49 p.m.  

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