Monday, April 11, 2005

Monday Mornings - where's the coffee ?

Survived Dublin and made it back in time to go out with Sith, Cheez and Zooney for a bit in town on Saturday night.

Sunday was really good with 6 hours on the water at Castleconnell getting the full safety 1 low down from Mike Jones (of ULAC fame and ULKCer).

Coke is the topic of the week with the lads and myself preparing to defend the civil liberties and freedom of choice on campus as external political activists come down here and try tell us to ban coke !

Other interesting links of the Day are:
Real Money in Virtual Economies - The Future of User-Created Content - This debate is one of the new emergent areas that will be a hot topic in business in the next couple of years, "virtual property markets and their intellectual property issues". (Audio debate)

Advertisers: Game On - So when you saw that product placement inside your latest video game and wondered, how much did they pay for that ?

New public access creative license for BBC archival material - Seems the BBC has decided to open up its archival material based on a license derived from the Creative Commons approach and give public access to footage from the different archives but the real change is that the footage can be used to create new items/programs for anything from school programs to music videos. All this will be online from Wednesday.

Net campaigners seek out the narrow-minded vote - More on the self-organising campaign model and how we'll see more of the use of single-issue campaigns (as if the UK hadn't already highlighted their use!). Maybe Rheingold's (of Smart Mobs fame) Flash Mobbing may make it into Irish tactical campaigning, only time will tell as bulk smsing is already pretty common for elections. The Times, did a nice piece on the new buzz words for the UK elections - one of my favorites is the 'dog-whistle' campaign which is a single issue campaign which slips under the radar for the most part but for a certain segment of the voting population acts as a dog whistle - the focused beaming of a message to a select group such as Howard's various whistles aimed at people who would have issues with gypsies and asylum-seekers. Another new term is blogjacking, which is the hacking of a candidates blog as happened in North Norfolk to a Conservative candidate. Worm Polls are replacing the swingometer as these are the tracking of an audience reaction to speeches in real time.


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