Thursday, June 02, 2005

Survived the Upper Guil

Had a grand days paddling and put an old demon to bed on the upper Guil. It was the same stretch we ran at 110 (yes really silly level) last year and I had a nasty swim with a rather unforgetable rope rescue. This year it was at 85 which is the guidebook type level and I had no bother getting down it. Looks like that the ferry strike won't go ahead as Irish Ferries have a French court ruling which would cost the strikers €50,000 a day if they try the same lark they did with us on the voyage getting to France. Two of the lads did the Chateaux kick ass run and had one swimmer but gear and paddler were okay but a little worse for wear. Back to Briançon for some food and thats about it for today.


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