Monday, May 14, 2007

Random bits of linkage

James Patrick Kelly's novella Burn won the Nebula Award, it is the first Creative Commons licensed work and the first podcast to win an Nebula. - BoingBoing

Don't forget to slay those pesky office vampires.

Charlie Stross has a nice post / speech he gave on technology and the future.

From Pasta And Vinegar some solid basic advice on designing and conducting research:

Firstly ask these questions-
1. Which research question are to be asked
2. Which data will answer those questions
3. Where, and from whom, those data can be obtained
4. In what form the data will be collected
5. Who will be responsible for collecting, analyzing, and writing up the data
6. When each stage of data collection, analysis and report writing will begin and end
7. How, by whom, and to whom results will be disseminated“

Make two tables-
Table 1:
What do I need to know?
Why do I need to know this?
What kind of data will answer the question?
Where can I find the data?
Whom do I contact for access?
Timelines for acquisition

Table 2:
Research Questions / Process Data and Outcome Measures / Sources of Data


  • Nice one Eoin....this blog is simple, clear, informative and most of all helpful!!! I'm reading way too many American thesis-writing guides that probably could omit 75% of the words to deliver the same information!!!! Too bad that I spent an hour reading the rest of your blog :)!! D Casey iMedia

    By Blogger Dee, at 10:57 p.m.  

  • Dee - Glad you found lots of interesting things on the blog!

    Get your table of contents sorted, in your head or as a rough idea on paper. After sorting what you're asking and how you're going to answer it, putting together the chapters, subheadings are one way I found useful for framing and structuring the story I'm telling.

    By Blogger Eoin Brazil, at 12:37 a.m.  

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