Sunday, January 04, 2009

Backup and Failure

JournalSpace closed down a couple of days ago over a serious oversight with regard to their backup policy (read more here). The story seems to resolve around their use of a RAID array as their only backup. It failed completely and overwrote six years of bloggers data. They did keep backups of the code for the system but bizarrely overlooked the database content which was the images, comments, and posts that made up user's blogs. It prompted me to made a backup of my blog here, I doubt Google are going away today or tomorrow but who knows. I've always tried to keep update with my backups using SuperDuper (with an external HDD) and JungleDisk (it uses remote disk space on Amazon's S3). I remember reading "Disaster Recovery Planning" a few years ago and really seeing how serious you need to be about these things when in business, if after that storm, disgruntled employee, or other unforeseen event you have got be able to start from scratch. It doesn't cost alot to keep backups, reading "Backup and Recovery" shows the numerous open source options out there. I pay a little extra for simplicity and ease of use but the lesson from JournalSpace is at the very least, keep regular backups on different servers or media, preferably off-site and simulate an disaster with actual recovery phase.

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