Monday, May 11, 2009 or What did MEP X, Y, or Z do ?

It's that time again with the European election nominations just closed that you might actually be interested in what your MEP has been up to for the last term. Want to check how they voted or how often they were in Brussel ? Thanks to you can.

The project has been sponsored by the European Policy Centre with the aim of assisting the monitoring of MEPs. It provides details on the voting, attendance, party allegiances of MEPs. The search functionality of the site allows users to query an MEP's record based on their EU party / grouping, nationality, and particular national political party.

So on to the sport as they say!

In the `Motions for resolutions' category, which deals with motions put forward for voting on by the parliament. The top three are Brian Crowley (101), Eoin Ryan (91), and Colm Burke (45). The bottom three are Jim Higgins (1), Mairead McGuinness (5), and Marian Harkin (5).

In the `Parliamentary questions' category, which details the questions asked by MEPs to the European Commission or to the Council of the European Union. The top three are Proinsias de Rossa (1067!), Jim Higgins (324), and Kathy Sinnott (213). The bottom three are Colm Bourke (41), Sean O Neachtain (104), and Eoin Ryan (105).

Good to know who is working but lets get to the main event or the attendance figures. The top three are Brian Crowley (94.3%), Sean O Neachtain (93.29%), and Kathy Sinnott (92.98%). The bottom three in visiting the parliament are Eoin Ryan (83.22%), Mairead McGuinness (84.56%), and Proinsias de Rossa (85.32%).

I'm sure that next weekend's papers will see a nice break down by the political correspondents looking in detail at the attendance and motions / questions categories.

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