Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Freedom - O where art thou ?

Catching up on the web readings and saw this nice one about Indymedia.
Indymedia has been long home to many electronic hippies and cyberpunks and provides an interesting mix of reporting across a wide scope of issues. I'll admit that at times I disagree with their coverage but I'd never be one to pull their servers for a couple of pictures taken on a public street which is exactly what the FBI directed the UK police to do. Information should be free, I completely disagree with this type of heavy handed censorship by a foreign nation into the affairs of another nation with no feedback to the actual affected group. The Register, covers this story in much greater detail at

All I can say is that this type of censorship will force independent news organisation like Indymedia to further create electronic distribution means which are not subject to censorship such as P2P etc. Spurning the development of these systems will only help the real bad guys in the world find places free from censorship to put horrific footage like the execution of Ken Bigley on the Internet and allowing them to do it with security and anonymity.


  • Looks like all is well in the world again!!!

    "According to a post on Indymedia Argentina the two Indymedia servers seized earlier by the FBI are in the process of being returned: "A Rackspace employee stated, "I was just told that the court order is being complied with and your servers in London will be online at 5pm GMT"

    By Blogger mgb, at 2:35 p.m.  

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