Monday, November 15, 2004

The Weekend and all the rest

Survived another YFG national conference, this year all the way up in Ballina, Co. Mayo! Got loads of speech footage, which I'll be putting online in the near future as well as a bunch of photos. Great weekend, some stimulating and interesting debates / motions and the elections of course! It was great to see that Lizzy, Barry and Pa all got in. It was a close fight for Barry so I reckon we'll have to try and do more for next year's conference or we could lose the position but at the end it's all down to having good candidates and thats something UL always seems to have plenty of!

Another big event today was Tony Hall successfully passing his Viva, so major congratulations are due to the newest doctor from the IDC! Hurray for Tony as he well deserves this recognition!


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