Thursday, April 14, 2005

Hits, Misses and Targeted shots in the UK Election

Today's bits from the UK Elections bring us Labour's personalised promises, which is a bit coarse and uses your choices of your Age, Gender, Children's Ages, Postcode, Home Ownership and Employment Status. In my opinion this is way too rough unless they're heavily leveraging the postcode for a general socioeconomic background but go and try it and see if you get the policies and promises that concern you.

You can now customise your very own Conservative poster with the choice of text and one of several of the handwritten fonts the Conservative's have taken to using for this election.

More on the archival of campaign material with all your ever wanted from the US Elections and similarly for the UK Elections. Nothing like being able to relive these epic ads such as the Republican's Wolves ad on domestic security but this is only for the US ads as the UK ads are only presented as a set of stills with a detailed transcription of the advert itself.


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