Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Results of the SU Referendum

A disappointing turnout was the result of the poorly promoted Student Union (SU) Elections and the referendum to ban Coca Cola, the lack of interest in the Student's Union resulted in two posts being filled unelected, a third position receiving no nominations and only a single election for the position of Communications & Campaigns Officer (CCO) occurring. The previous CCO was noted for such front page headlines as "Student Atached on Campus", as it is this position which is in effect the editor in charge of the Student Union's only regular publication, 'An Focal'. The Student Union management of the election was at best, ill informed and at worst, inept whilst the establishment of a commission to oversee the referendum was commendable, the removal of any genuine powers from this body resulted in a castrated and shackled commission who forever needed to seek higher approval for any decisions it sought to make. Judging by the turnout and attempts or lack therein of by the Student's Union to promote the elections and referendum, questions must be raised regarding the nature of the Student's Union and whether it is really a open democrat body representing the student's of UL or rather a closed shop which contains a small number of sabbatical positions for the SU's favoured cliche and assorted friends, associates and lackeys. Student democracy and student activism is encouraged by a vibrant and active Student's Union which allows for the growth, stimulation and engagement of the student body as a whole without such invigoration the student body as a whole can only become more disengaged from the activities of a Union which exists to ensure their welfare but also to express their views. Tracking the decline over the last five years in the interest and participation within the Student's Union, one can see that by following forward this trend the Student Union as a whole will be in need of some serious attention within the next two years to prevent its unfortunate demise due to its irrelevancy to the student body.

Here's the graphics to go with the results.
The Overall Picture

The Missing Slice needed for Quorum

Total Yes votes to required Poll for Quorum

Total Votes to Valid Electorate (Student body)


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