Friday, June 24, 2005

Friday's Roundup

If you're about London or even just visiting sometimes its easier to walk between Tube stations than take a long Tube journey. A must read is Richard Stallman's piece on Patents and their absurdity, this is the article to send to your MEP or TD about why we shouldn't support software patents (see also here).

Here are some useful articles on Ant for Enterprise Projects, Sparklines as a Web Service (See the online example), Re-thinging market research, An anthropological view of the office environment, Digital Web's FREElance Toolbox (Free Tools for Web Developers and a good selection at that), writing documentation for users well the secret is to Answer the User's Real Question (you should also look at how to manage Customer Feedback on the documentation).

Workwise things are still a bit unknown in the area of my funding, but I found this job which looks interesting. ICAD preparation is revving up as well so its going to be a busy fortnight.

For those bored people, here are some interesting places to find out about new web sites.


  • wish more people would take note of the tube article and we wouldnt be pcked in like Sardeens. I swaer at time sits like playing arm here a leg there...
    Oh and dont get me started about tubes in the summer :-)

    By Blogger Michelle Mitchell, at 11:51 p.m.  

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