Monday, September 12, 2005

Fianna Fail on the run

Well seems that FF are on the run given the latest turn of events. According to the Red C poll in the Sunday Business Post, its FF down to 32 and FG up to 28 when you read the small print about voter preference and for likelyhood for actually voting.

Quoting from their actual polling results - "Voting intention results for this most recent Sunday Business Poll, excluding apathetic voters, makes very interesting reading for the main parties. Stripping out apathetic voters makes the race much closer with Fianna Fail obtaining the same level of support at 32%, but Fine Gael increasing their share of the vote to 28%, just 4% behind. Labour also holds on to the same share at 13% and this would put the FG/Labour coalition in a very strong position."

Poll - Methodology


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