Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Disposable Credit Cards

Heard the latest must have - a disposable credit card with the related Electric News and RTE Radio (Real Media) coverage.

Looking through the FAQ I find that you are required to supply a name (Any really!), an address (some large apartment block), a mobile number (easy to get a clean untraceable one of these) and a email account (hotmail, gmail the list goes on) at which point I'm think that whilst the paying punter will find it a useful payment mechanism that the real user will be organised crime as it seems there is a distinct lack of identifcation required. I recently had to change the details of a club account that I'm involved with, now the club isn't really all that large or have vast money flowing through its coffers but does have an active committee which turns over annually. The process to change the details was simple enough but it required I show proof of my identity and a bill, simple enough really and a good step to defeating money laundering. I'm a bit lost however when I see these disposable credit cards with what looks like a perfect vechicle for criminals with the most basic of social engineering skills which is noted as a growing threat. Now I'm an activist for information freedom but really I can't say I like the way this new disposable credit card is developing as like the original prepaid mobile phones its bound to be picked up upon by todays tech savvy criminals. It's already been suggested for use in a scheme to improve website commission referrals in Ireland.


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