Friday, November 18, 2005

Friday Roundup

As a user of LinkedIn, I'd never realised there was an etiquette that needed to be followed but really its all common sense.

For a real visual treat and if you're into historical maps, visit David Rumsey's Historical Map Collection (here's some O'Reilly coverage on it).

Move over titanium here comes Liquidmetal twice the strength and three times the elasticity of titanium. Liquidmetal has a significantly lower melting point than its constituent metals its an alloy of zirconium, titanium, nickel, copper, and beryllium which means it can be cast into permanent molds for manufacturing, as opposed to steel or titanium, which must be cast using a single use mold. This means it does not have to be forged as casting will allow it to get full strength but that it processing efficiency of a plastic material. Read more on WorldChanging.

Also from WorldChanging we have the DIY Cellphone. Some members of the same group are now concentrating on building a Wifi phone.

Via the EFF - we've got the full list of CDs distributed by Sony which contained their rootkit.

We also have a podcast on using "Ring tones as political statements". There's also a nice article on Class Action who are an US based group who create visual messages to advocate social change (eg from amongst many see their posters on gun control).

From the BBC and via Zoney we have "Nordic states probe 'CIA flights'", I wonder if the IAA or the Irish Government are ready to tackle this one yet .......


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