Friday, November 11, 2005

Measure Map Added

Thanks to all the great work for the people over at Adaptive Path, I've gotten a new toy to add to my blog. It is a very swish web tracking tool based on AJAX well of course you'd say isn't Jesse James Garrett,, one of the founders of Adaptive Path as well as the gentleman who coined AJAX as a term! Not to mind that but they're also a design house with actual serious ID and HCI people.

The tracking tool is interesting, I like the interface and it has a nice link into various blogging systems such as Blogger, MovableType, Typepad and WordPress amongst others. It offers a partial implementation in flash of a timeline based Alphaslider (see HCIL or Leonardo's Laptop for more on this), my comment on this would be that it should offer panning or sliding in addition to just range selection but as they said the whole system is only in Alpha testing so I really can't wait to see the Beta not to mind the actually production version. So enough of the talk and to the picture!


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