Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Musings from the fringe

Seems Skype had a bit of a security review but even the review has a few limitations.

This could be one of the best inventions and most useful inventions around - a lightbulb - so what am I on you ask - using quantum dots which are tiny nanocrystals just a few dozen atoms across. It projects in the visible spectrum just like your bog standard bulb, but it puts out 50 times more light for each watt whilst lasting 60 times longer! The main reason for its efficienty is it doesn't put out the infrared component of normal bulbs so not only can it be brighter but it can also be cooler to the touch! ( Details - abstract )

Thoughts, reports, worries and suggestions to fix American's electricity network and a new report called "The Emerging Smart Grid".

And for fun!

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