Monday, May 29, 2006

Hope for us all yet!

So here it is, yes - seriously - Cooking for Engineers so there is indeed hope for some of us to prepare something that can be classified as food!

Lots of other random bits in the ether today - we've got WikiMapia is a hybrid of Google Maps and Wikipedia, a whole mixed confusion over trademarks and the phrase "Web 2.0" (See The Reg via The Limerick Blogger team).

Personal Democracy Forum have a whole pile of interesting bits from the ever popular "Call Connected Thru The NSA" ringtone (Downloads) to a series of podcasts from their conference on the topics of "Making Online Work Offline and in the Field","The Rising Power of Local Political Blogs" and "TxtMessaging and Mobile Politics".

Finally something a little closer to my day job, we have Coming of Age in Ethnography, and from Chris McEvoy we have a nice link to Jakob Nielsens's Corporate Usability Maturity stages ( stages 1 - 4 and stages 5 - 8 ).

Best yet, I found a nice link for salaries for usability professsionals and the figures are not too bad at all :->


  • Wikmapia is fairly cool.
    There isn't a whole lot filled in on Limerick Though.
    I had a go putting in about 30 places but I didn't go into much detail on anything.
    I f everyone puts in a few things we'll soon have the city blanketed in boxes.

    By Blogger The Busy Engineer, at 1:58 p.m.  

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