Friday, May 12, 2006

Fun with Face Morphing and Weekend readings

For some lite entertainment on this sunny Friday, try the software from St. Andrew's for Facial Transformation, give it a picture of yourself and turn it into a manga superhero or even an old man.

For some thing a little more interesting, skip over to the Harvard magazine and discover why we "beg, buy, borrow, or steal on a whim" which discusses the emerging field of behavioral economics. A related economics article on examing the strength of social influences as a factor of success is here. If that isn't enough for you, how about one of my absolute favorite author's (Vernor Vinge) talking about where the Internet will be in 2020 as a research tool. Another very interesting read for the week is from that great journal, First Monday and is on Open Source Disaster Recovery and focuses on the Asian tsunami and the hurricane Katrina efforts by volunteers using open source models.


  • Well, it didn't work for me. Perhaps I'm too old, or my face too old, or that it doesn't work if you have facial hair...

    By Blogger cyberviking, at 2:21 a.m.  

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