Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Final Metamusic Handover And Work Stuff

Well its the end of the line for the Metamusic project at the IDC. We've had our final meeting and the handoff to Abaltat is just about done, the comments back from IBC were absolutely brillant and the UL prototype has knocked the socks off a load of the punters attending IBC. Our (the IDC's) prototype picked up a IABM Peter Wayne Award Finalist (2006) and a Broadcast Engineering Pick Hit IBC award (2006).

Back to research, teaching and that PhD of mine ! It also looks like the COST SID (Sonic Interaction Design) proposal is going very well with Davide Rocchesso getting ready to give a presentation in Brussels so its past the first stage and if it passes the presentation and questions, it should get accepted and I'll be down as one of the Irish delegates for the action.


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