Friday, August 25, 2006

A bit of catch up

Things are really hectic at the IDC at the minute on the Metamusic project and as such I barely have the time to catch my breath not to mind doing any blogging but here are a couple of links that I found useful and interesting as asides in the craziness that is here at the minute.

Videos and MP3's from the seminar series: Rethinking the Future Nature of Competition & Conflict Seminar Series, very interesting on what is probably the standard buzz words and concepts around DC at the minute.

An interesting question - "Where does Turkey fit into the Middle East ?".

Some stange statues, cool pics!

For those job hunting in the software/engineering scene, here's a useful link to 50 common interview questions. A nice one on Sympathetic magic and Animalistic beliefs which leads to the question of when we'll be seeing Magic mirrors (hopefully however they won't be running Mirrors 3.1, if you haven't read Tom Holt he is well worth it for the strange but funny spin).

Finally one of my favorite rant topics: Light Pollution, now if only somebody would actually add this as an election issue... Meanwhile - these are some eco friendly lights for those still outfitting their nice houses.


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