Sunday, April 15, 2007

Random bits

Had a great week starting with a trip to Dublin. Got a chance to see Bare Naked Ladies in concert ! Yes, they were brillant, actually ended up in nearly the same spot as three years ago too! Meet Steve for lunch in the Hive / Plex that is Google and was truly impressed. If only the ID or HCI jobs were in Ireland, I'd be banging on their door for a job! Free good food and soooo many toys...... Not to mind interesting work, well at least Steve has more than definitely landed on his feet.

Bits from the Ether include:
12 Breeds of Client and How to Work with Them, "Pilfering ravens, Corvus corax, adjust their behaviour to social context and identity of competitors" (but its probably easier to read the article in this month's Scientific American). The greater Boston area are deploying a wireless-sensor network to report pollution and traffic, the ESA are tracking farmers for compliance via satellite imagery.

A definite watch for any QuickSilver OS X junkie is Hack Attack: The Quicksilver video extravaganza which has more QuickSilver tips and tricks that are just top notch. On a tools notes, I've started using iGTD which is another tool in the GTD vein but with its sweet QuickSilver links and nice touches is definitely one to watch. iGTD has nice iCal links which suits as the group are seriously into using GCal but you can use this post to ensure iCal and GCal play nice.


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