Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A few things to provide respite from the election

If you haven't already done you're daily duty go and support Limerick for the new Monopoly, okay so its voting but its for Limerick!

Cory Doctorow has a nice article on fighting trolls - what works and what doesn't. Its a great article for even people just managing their own blog and most definitely worth a read. Here's a little teaser:
"Trolls can infect a small group, but they really shine in big forums. Discussion groups are like uranium: a little pile gives off a nice, warm glow, but if the pile gets bigger, it hits critical mass and starts a deadly meltdown. There are only three ways to prevent this: Make the pile smaller again, spread the rods apart, or twiddle them to keep the heat convecting through them."

It points out a great technique, disemvoweling which uses the removal of vowels as a mechanism for dealing with trolling or unwanted posting. I wish some Irish fora would take a leaf.

The Register has a nice interview on the guys who wrote the attack which breaks WEP encryption in under 2 minutes. There is another attempt to crack down on the possibility of money laundering in the virtual world. Experts are afraid that it will be come a type of virtual Hawala system which is a honor type money transfer system where the transfers are informal and are not regulated by governments.

The Economist has a nice article on how mobile phone penetration correlates positively with economic growth. Hat tip to WorldChanging. I've read earlier related work and its quite an interesting read. A follow up on the earlier related work has shown one amazing statistic which states that by adding 10 mobile phones per 100 people a country can see a 0.6% increase in GDP per capita annually. Another link, which is always worth checking out is Jan Chipchase's blog (RSS), at least for those interested in mobile design.

Checkout Ten Steps towards a greener life and Yahoo's new site, Yahoo Green. The SHPEGS project is aiming at producing an open design in a not-for-profit manner with the aim of designing and prototyping a renewable electrical generation system for use in moderate climates such as Ireland.


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