Friday, March 28, 2008

Random Friday Lunch Linkage

The most useful article I've come across on the internet in ages is ``How to refill a disposable Brita brand water pitcher filter with activated carbon'' as I use a Brita and the filters are damn expensive.

Two of my favourite authors, Ken Macleod and Greg Egan who have Hugh nominated stories this year have put them online for free. "Who's Afraid of Wolf 359?" by Ken Macleod and "Glory" by Greg Egan.

Worldchanging has two nice articles on "RFID and art" and on the Billboard Liberation Front.

Closer to home Elaine wrote a fantastic opinion piece for yesterday's Irish Times, why to go! It's titled "Unwavering loyalty admired and rewarded in politics" (Subscription required). I think it was very pointed and hit the spot exactly with fresh calls from the cabinet about Mr Ahern's finances to be clarified.

A closer runner up for best article this week was from Dan who provides a great deal of clarity on that particular issue that some people in the Irish blog world will find of great interest. It's called "28 days later" and it clearly spells out the happenings and facts for all to read in clear, precise English.


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