Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Voting Yes Tomorrow

Well for a long time I wasn't fully convinced for why I should vote Yes tomorrow. I had waded through parts of the treaty but ended up scratching my head. The papers and general media were pretty poor and the referendum commission materials were freeze dried. However, over the weekend finally a couple of factual articles in plain English helped separate the lies from the actuality of the treaty. What really surprised me was watching Prime Time last night and actually watching RTE put a report together that made it clean why (if you're sensible) that Yes is how you should be voting.

The discussion and arguments were even better and I have to admit that Pat Cox is some speaker. I can see why he was president in the European Parliament.

Maybe the arguments here will convince some people to vote no and point others to vote yes but the important thing tomorrow is to vote. I don't know how many voter registration campaigns I've helped out in and I can't say it more vehemently but get out and vote, regardless of which way. Not using your vote is in my mind a sin when you think about how many people in this country fought to ensure we had one and when so many in other countries would and do die to get a vote. Democracy only works if people participate so vote tomorrow! If you're not sure, my two cents is vote yes.

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  • I think there are good and bad points in the Lisbon treaty but generally I think the good overweigh the bad.

    However your last point is crucial for me. "Democracy only works if people participate so vote tomorrow"
    Most Europeans have been denied this right to vote. The Dutch and French who voted no the last time aren't been given the right to vote again.
    Vincent Brown wrote in the Irish Times yesterday
    "I have a further reason for voting No.It is because of the democratic deficiency of the European Union and the cynical contrivance on the part of the Euro bosses, including all member state governments, to exclude the electorates of Europe, aside from Ireland, from having a say in this treaty."

    Is this a democracy anymore ? While the main political parties here presented a united front, behind the scenes things are a bit different. Brian Cowen has said he would throw anyone who voted or voiced an opinion against the treaty out of the party. There's been a similar whipping into shape in FG. Is this democracy where our locally elected representatives aren't allowed to give their opinions. Why if it is such a good deal aren't people been given the freedom to speak.

    I believe the Lisbon Treaty is a good thing, however they are trying to bring it to pass in an undemocratic way and I will vote No.

    By Blogger Ronan B, at 11:54 a.m.  

  • hi there, i’m from germany and i’m interessted in getting some statements for your motivation to say ‘no’ (or ‘yes’) to the eu treaty.

    i’m glad the irish people said ‘no’ just as we in germany didn’t have a chance to say anything..

    By Anonymous Steffino, at 4:07 p.m.  

  • Sad result for Ireland and what's worse is I only found this guide to the treaty in some one's post election review!

    It was a pity that the other European countries did not choose a referendum but then they voted on in in their parliaments so its still democratic. I think Steffino you just need to remember not to vote for the guy/girl again if he hasn't kept to your views.

    By Blogger Eoin Brazil, at 4:37 p.m.  

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