Monday, September 21, 2009

Lisbon 2 Round up

It's almost time for Lisbon 2 so to I've brushed up my readings to take the new changes into account and decided to post a few of the more interesting pieces I've found online.

Elvis making his case against the treaty:

A very nice summary of the social side of the treaty, slightly pro but I guess it depends on how you view it.

Jim Corr and the New World Order.... oh and how it relates to the Lisbon treaty

Michael O'Leary - 5 Reasons to Vote Yes

The Forum for Europe has collected a number of debate transcripts that they held and printed them online.
Defense, Foreign Policy and Neutrality Yes: Pat Cox No: Joe Noonan
Ireland and Social Europe Yes: Ruari Quinn No: Joe Higgins
Institutional Arrangements Yes: David Byrne No: Susan George
Economic Implications Yes: Peter Sutherland No: Mary-Lou McDonald.

Neutral Sites with Information:
Citizen's Information Service - Guide to Lisbon Treaty
Referendum Commission

Guides to support the arguments
YES: The Improved Spoofers Guide to the Lisbon Treaty
NO: Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD) (including UKIP) Guide to the Lisbon Treaty

I've listened again to many false arguments and blatant lies so I'm voting YES. The times are different now and it is even more critical to be part of the wider European community for so many reasons. Whilst I'd love to give the Government a bloody nose by voting No, it is sheer stupidity to think that way as a referendum is not a general election and won't cause any change to the government. I do believe Ireland needs a change of direction and government, voting YES is the first step in that process.

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  • I think your roundup sums it up quite nicely. Noone is explaining what the lisbon treaty is. Like noone explained simply what the european constitution is. Plenty of rethoric around it, but no actual explanation, so people are left to the decision, "Do I trust Jim Corr or do I trust Michael O'Leary?", now Jim Corr was always the unpopular brother of the band, and he sounds like less popular version of David Icke, but... and this is a big but... Michael O'Leary is nothing but a cunt.
    And that is the root of the problem, people aren't being allowed to choose for themselves without reading a big long document. Some people say one thing, others say another, nobody referring to any actual text in the document. What they need is bullet points.

    By Blogger Ivan Kelly, at 4:51 p.m.  

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