Friday, April 27, 2007

Human-Computer Interaction in Ireland Workshop

Here is a little bit on next week's workshop.

The University of Limerick's Interaction Design Centre is hosting a 1-Day Workshop on the topic of Human-Computer Interaction in Ireland (iHCI07) on May 2nd, 2007. The purpose of this Workshop, which we hope will become an annual event, is to promote networking and collaboration among academics and practitioners is the broad area of people interacting with technology. This is a wide area with topics ranging from areas including but not limited to, usability studies, interface design and evaluation, accessibility issues, cognitive ergonomics, human factors in computer systems, computer supported cooperative work, human computer interaction, multimedia and interaction design. As an interdisciplinary topic with many disciplines such as, software engineering, psychology, sociology, art and design, communication studies, information science, engineering, we hope to attract a wide number of researchers to what will be a very interesting and productive workshop.

The intent of this Workshop is to bring together researchers, practitioners and teachers interested in the field, to document past and current activities, and to setup a database of information in this area on an all-Ireland basis. The Human-Computer Interaction community in Ireland is still quite small and as such the focus of the workshop is aimed at increasing the awareness of the range and depth of issues being studied in Ireland, rather than on the presentation of research papers.

The result of this Workshop aims to provide a better profile for individuals and groups involved in the HCI area in Ireland, as currently, despite the size of our software industry, Ireland has not yet developed as significant international leader in this important area in the software field. This is something, that through collaboration and networking we can work towards changing. Liam will give a talk on the IDC itself and Mikael has a few bits and pieces including a short bit on our involvement in the new COST action on Sonic Interaction Design.

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