Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A Brave New World

Some random musings: Won't it be great if we could take a leave from Beddington Zero Energy Development regarding microgeneration. Should we accept money in its current use or should we try and broaden its use and our horizons into something that benefits not just us but the larger community ?

Currently reading a long rant (cunningly disguised as a book) so I guess including a post from Robin on Corporate Responsibility fits the theme. Harping on from some other feeds we got Ross Mayfield discussing the benefits of a virtual startup structure and net-enabled bootstrapping and the Asia Business Consulting giving a nice view from that part of the world. What about this as a topic Conscriptions and Democracy viewed from the Finnish context. Keeping an eye towards the referendum on the EU constitution in France.

In other stuff, here is a link to converting to Typo as a blogging engine. Anyone got a converter of any kind for blogger or is it as easy just to publish to a remote server and tweak / cut & paste to the new blogging engine?


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