Monday, May 09, 2005

Weekend Roundup

Well after a great weekend of UK elections, Northern Ireland elections (see Mick's Posters and Flickr Pics) and the Softday gig / radio broadcast (Listen to the radio show here) for the Horizons program at Lyric FM went off without a hitch! It's good to actually get back to work !

Elections highlights include:
How can you have an election where nobody wins?
Farewell to the Swingometer?
Seeing as all the votes are cast, MySociety can now ask

Why Google messed up with their latest idea - The Google Accelerator.
The latest on the Upload Progress Indicator for Rails (watch the video) - (see for Rails).
If you've heard of AJAX then you'll really want to read Ajax in under five minutes (watch the video), I'd also highly recommend checking out Continuations which is something akin to the Apache Chains project.


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