Wednesday, April 27, 2005

A bit of a review of epolitics

Apart from Cartography of alarmism which shows the predicted result of a risk of an attack on a nuclear power station using a hijacked aeroplane in Southwest England. Scary image and topic, wonder what the result would be for Sellafield ?

That leads nicely back into a review of some older but relevant epolitics articles that I'm not sure I've posted these before. Here's one on Labour's campaign pledge email which is something that we'll be seeing soon as the standard for political parties. The Hansard Society has two interesting pieces on "What part did the internet play in the US elections?" (a workshop with commentaries by Brian Wheeler, Tim Ireland, Tom Steinberg, Bill Thompson and Mick Fealty) and on "MPs and Blogging: a modern way to communicate?" (a report). Hillwatch, a Canadian group has an interesting comparison of Canadian and American Political websites entitled "Political Web Sites: Strategic Assets or Virtual Lawn Signs?". Advertising on the Internet is a tricky thing with everything allowed as shown by the Conservatives latest attack ads which won't make the cut for broadcast but are perfectly acceptable for use on the Internet. Here's a article on "Political Advertising: All's Fair in the 'Wild West' Aura of the Net" from the US which has seen the rough edge of this topic. Here's an interesting essay on "Can weblogs change politics?".


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