Friday, July 01, 2005

Web Rumblings

So it takes all of 12 Minutes for a new machine to get compromised on the web. More on that old chestnut of Art and Computer Programming.

Rails is hotting up again with Michael Buffington of Adaptive Path blogging about converting a ColdFusion application to Rails. have a new beta out with some of the coolest web 2.0 effects yet seen. These can be further complemented by Effectspack (More UI Widgets) and also Behaviour which is using CSS selectors to apply Javascript functionality.

The secret to running a successful web enterprise is ePandora which powers Boystuff and various other portals. San Francisco has a new outlet for citizen journalism and on the political theme here's a nice Westminister one called Guido Fawkes or for a more formal style see the Guardian's Backbench.

Given the UL main website new makeover, maybe its time to point designers to articles like "The Right Information". More on bad redesign over at the Independent newspaper. Ok-Cancel's cartoon and thread today is about tagging. Our French business colleagues seem to be a little confused as Corporate France seems to believe us part of Britain!


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