Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Tuesday and Stuff

So another warning on Greasemonkey's security and on using papyrus for nuclear waste warnings. Ok-Cancel have a nice one on "Activity Centered Design", whilst ITConversations have a nice recording on the event sphere and some interesting future possiblities. Over at WorldChanging there are a few interesting articles on "What Is Culture Jamming Good For?", "Media and Digital Tech Empowering Indigenous Survival" (see also No Logo for this type of idea), and on "A Question of Urbanization". Darragh has also suggested VOIP buster as the next Skype-like app with the added advantage of really cheap rates to land lines ( including places like Australia and America ;-) ). There's also an update on the essay "Technoprogressivism Beyond Technophilia and Technophobia". Otherwise all is quiet but busy in Limerick.


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