Monday, September 26, 2005

P2P Enegry, World Climate and Virtual Plagues

Mikael's party was great and just decided to update the blog before bed so here are a few bits and pieces.

A nice article on micro grids which are small local based energy generation schemes which are more similar to peer to peer distribution than the current monolithic distribution scheme commonly used. They offer a lot more flexibility with regard to reacting to flucating local demands and can offer great savings to users whilst being eco friendly. A nice article to accompany this topic is on A Low-Cost Energy Future.

A nasty toned article on American Climate Loonies who refuse to acknowledge scientific studies are showing that global warming is contributing to the changes in climate patterns. Maybe the loonies should read the Real Climate website which is run by climatologists. The Real Climate site discussions and articles take a science-based approach to climate issues.

On a interesting note, this week saw the first virtual plague.


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