Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Ear Flap

An Ear Flap is the use of real picture but an inaccurate or misleading description especially in the revisionist spin doctoring of current day politics.

"It's quite common (especially with the speedy distribution of material the Internet makes possible) for politically-oriented jokes, photographs, and other put-downs to 'jump parties', with partisans of one side altering names and other details to associate the same material with the personalities and politics of the other side. (The same set of spurious quotes, for example has been variously attributed to former [Republican] Vice-President Dan Quayle, [Democratic] Senator John Kerry, and [Republican] President George W. Bush.)

The example given is about an item I'd covered already as the DIY Bullshit protector but I did supply the correct reference to its use by a spectator (73-year-old veteran, Bill Moye) at one of GW's speechs but it seems the Republicans are quite capable of cutting and pasting the image into another press release and attributing it to an attendee at a speech by Senator Ted Kennedy so more bullshit I guess from the Republican spin doctors who have got a lot to learn about tracability and the Internet. And for the fun again here is how to make them (see also)!


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