Monday, November 28, 2005

Vienna and all

So its a lovely day in Vienna, I've had a great talk with Brian Gygi on PhD stuff and even seen some parts of the lab Gin might go and work for. Vienna's been great cold but great and the sunny even came out today but its a fairly colder climate in general maybe not this week from what I've heard. The christmas markets are good but they're all a bit similar in one sense with very many stocking the same types of things. The best market so far is the Spittalberg but Freyung and Karlsplatz came closest from the others. We got to see the Natural History museum and the House of Musik yesterday which were really great and definitely worth the visit. Not sure what the plan is for the rest as Gin is meeting some of the lads at the lab here but I think some shopping and maybe the Schonbrunn followed by dinner and packing.

Heard about the convention with O'Donnell 277 Noonan 255 Scully 160 Harty 108 and a quota of 260. Seems the cold kept the numbers down a bit. Not sure what that means for a third candidate but we'll see I'm sure.


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