Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Party time

Its a mad couple of days with the Christmas party tomorrow at Dolan's and then recovery in time for the Skynet talks on open source politics followed by the society's Christmas bash! Picking holes with the budget was fun as ever (no index linking, no changes to VAT, remember the days when you'd get an increase in the grant and rent would go up as, well its the same hole Biffo has opened with Childcare, I'd need to see the details about the 4th level stuff as its years behind and still majorly underfunded but good news. I think the killer point is underspend and if they can't manage the current monies so what about extras) and Ivor the Engine seems to be out as a junior minister.

On a more personal note, Cheers lads - you're a great bunch. The ship is back on course and full steam ahead into that undiscovered country. But I'm still not wearing a dress to the Christmas party tomorrow night!

Now back to manufacturing miracles for next week's demo...


  • hope the christmas party/cheer brought a smile back to ur face..

    By Blogger Connie, at 4:36 p.m.  

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