Friday, May 05, 2006

Declaring War On Crime

Declaring War On Crime
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With Michael Noonan chairing the session the floor opened with some great points made by Brian Gillian who really is a sharp cookie as well as points from Jim O'K and Damien E. The main points are all gardas will be able to retire later at 60 whilst having the assistance of 4000 or so reserve gardai. Enda had covered the new bail act in his opening speech which will include a fast track for the DPP to prevent bail, electronic tagging, refusal of bail in more instances such as in rape cases. A new set of sentencing guidelines will be established to deal with the sentencing differences which has occured in several high profile cases. The State will be allowed to give a closing sentencing appeal, as currently only the defense give a closing sentence appeal. Jim also outlined points on minimum and mandatory sentences especially that 80% of cases shouldn't fall under this exception as happens now and especially this should not be allowed for repeat offenders. I'm afraid I've only managed to touch on a handfull of the more important points raised during the session but it was enough to keep us eager for tomorrow.


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