Friday, March 31, 2006

Chaos and Madness

It's been mad here this week, got to give Mikael's lecture today for the Interactive Media module as well as their tutorial today so lots of prep time spent on that but otherwise its cool as looks like the Motes/Dance sensor suit project which Steve has been working on is ready to go.

Catching up on links and interesting bits we have from EI a free guide on "E-Business Law, A Practical Guide for Irish Companies", for monitoring web pages and notifying you - dead handy for people who aren't using RSS (Check this IBM article for an intro to RSS). Another interesting read of the week is "The Role of Sound in Electronic Literature", WorldChanging have some nice links to interviews on Diasters, speaking of nice links I was talking about Mashups today in the lecture and here is another nice one on the demographics from the 2000 US census and Google Maps. A nice article I found which reminds us that landscapes are produced and maintained so when you're driving along and enjoying the scenery its important to remember it doesn't just happen like that without control and intervention.

On the tech side, there is some interesting articles on using a voice encoder for sonic effects, ROR and adding FastCGI on Mac OS X, on Maven which is one of the new breed of deployment systems.

A final cool note is to say that Spin, Accelerando and Old Man's War are all now available online (for Hugo/Campbell award judges ;-< ) and all are nominees for the 2006 Hugo/Campbell awards.


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