Thursday, April 06, 2006

Linkage and random bits

So if you feel like your Mac still isn't cutting it - how about using it for home monitoring ?

On the download score, two very eagerly awaited bits - Eiffel Studio and the latest Freenet ( new large scale Darknet version ) which offers three really useful new features 1) operation over UDP rather than TCP, 2) transparently operate through firewalls and 3) a new simpler API for third party developers. Freenet now offers a new software foundation for building collaborative trust network services and applications which can scale to larger groups over 200 which until was the upper limit or so for Darknets. Speaking of such issues - A List Apart has a nice article called "Anonymity and Online Community: Identity Matters" which touches on community management for online communities.

From the desk of Don Norman, we've got two interesting articles "Emotionally-centered design" and "Why doing user observations first is wrong". A nice quote from the second article is "Field studies, user observations, contextual analyses, and all procedures which aim at determining true human needs are still just as important as ever – but they should all be done outside of the product process. This is the information needed to determine what product to build, which projects to fund. Do not insist on doing them after the project has been initiated. Then it is too late, then you are holding everyone back.".

For interesting speculations about the Irish elections you should check out the new site. On another point, I don't have a Tree house fetish but you have got to admit they're cool!


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