Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Looks like the Web 2.0 Tussle has been sorted

Firstly we have Tim's response (very clear and detailed) to the use of the term, Web 2.0 and then we have Tom's reply to Tim. The end result, Tim's apology for the way the matter was handled as being too heavy handed and Tom's apology for not emailing Tim to clarify the matter rather than going on a web blog-krieg.

"The Internet is the most far-reaching, free and open medium for expression that we have. From the perspective of certain governing bodies, this also makes it the greatest citizen-driven threat. Government suppression of internet freedom, monitoring of online activity and censorship of people's personal sites has been growing in proportion with the explosion of web use, aided in part by large tech firms." -, Amnesty International and The Observer have started a campaign for internet freedom, sign the pledge at They also have a nice piece on using Google Earth to do 3D printed buildings.

BoxesAndArrows have a really nice piece on designing interactions for predictive markets (read Earthweb) and on Web Dogma ‘06.



    What part of the difference between "please put an asterisk saying that Web 2.0 is a service mark of CMP and ORA" and "[Your] actions constitute unfair trade practices, unfair competition, and are a fragrant violation of CMP's trademark rights. CMP hereby demands that you immediately cease and desist from utilizing Web 2.0 as the title of your event..." does Tim O'Reilly not understand?

    No. I don't think Tom Raftery owes Time O'Reilly any form of apology.

    By Blogger mgb, at 2:15 p.m.  

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