Friday, June 09, 2006

Weekend Treats

Been a busy week so blogging has been a little slow so here is a bunch of stuff that has bubbled up from my feeds and browsing.

Some really cool images of the sun or Sunscapes, a link to the documentary on the killing of Det Gerry McCabe, speaking of YouTube - the question is 'Can YouTube swing an election?', a nice little beachside Cabana would be great for the weekend, some nice urban wind turbines and solar lampion's. The honey badger - don't ask ...

Nice articles on "Building A Tag Cloud in WordPress", "Arts and Crafts for the Digital Age", can we trust those big MNCs (Coca-Cola, Nestle, Nike, etc) ?, check out the latest green ethics audit. Another one on predictive markets and from the same site, what if the desktop was presented as a sphere instead of a plane ?

For the more scenario minded - how about the assassin's mace or shashaujian scenario between the USA and China - with China's "Win victory with one strike" showing how China could really knock out the USA. Speaking of attacks, how about the Soviet method for attacking infection using bacteriophages which could have more relevance today given the growing number of bacterial strains which are becoming more and more antibotic resistant.

Finally - Magic in User Experience Design and the related magic wand postings from Mike Kuniavsky have got me hooked on Quicksilver and xGestures.


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