Friday, October 20, 2006

Random Leakage From The Ether

Catching up from WorldChanging, I'd suggest the following
  • PR Wars Over Diamond Wars - keep an eye out for the new movie Blood Diamond as conflict diamonds are quite an interesting topic

  • Urban Grids / Respiratory Oases - decorative, three-dimensional architectural tiles which can aid in reducing vehicular air pollution - nice one.

  • Trees: The Anti-Desert - reclaiming parts of the barren wastelands which make up most of the Sahel region which is on the Sahara's southern edge

Simon McGarr has two interesting pieces on his blog, Blogging the Election talk now online (which was that very very scary online libel talk and a must listen too piece!) and an op-ed piece on Why Podcasting is harder than it looks.

For some nice OS X centric bits we have a lovely new Blue Screen of Death for your Mac, two nice motion applications / launchers for those people with shiny new MacBooks - Skip Checker and Unimotion. If you'd prefer something other than kevents or kqueue, have a look at this page for an alternative when writing a file system change logger.

For those hard core electioneering people, I'd suggest a new report from MobileActive called "Mobile Phones in Electoral and Voter Registration Campaigns". The report looks at various ways that organizations have used mobile phones in electoral and voter registration campaigns and discusses the lessons learned from these campaigns.


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