Monday, November 13, 2006

Heart versus 95 - Limerick Licence

The big battle of the radiowaves was in Limerick today with the BCI holding a public meeting and presentations for the Limerick radio licence. Two applicant's where up for the gig, the contender Limerick's Heart Fm and Limerick's Live 95Fm. Note I'm slightly biased towards the contender. My two cents were that the new applicant had a better presentation and a real sense of looking towards the future, whilst 95 where lacking in their presentation (visuals/timing/graphics very middling) as the presenters where just saying ``Let us go our merry way and we'll be grand'' without really illustrating their future vision or programming strategy. It'll be a close call for the BCI and I overheard one cynic saying the change in announcement of the new licence from the 11th of December until the 22nd of January had more to do with existing jobs than Christmas holidays but whatever the case it was an enjoyable day to see and hear the potential of local radio in Limerick now but especially for the future.

For the latest updates on this I'd stick to the radiowaves forum or to the Limerick Blogger.

UPDATE: Here's the radiowaves thread, seems I wasn't the only one that thought Heart Fm were the better submission.


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