Saturday, July 16, 2005

Catching up with work

Stuck inside on this sunny day but have a rake of work to clear from ICAD. Mostly its just editing recordings of talks to upload to the website, so its donkey work but sure its got to be done!

At least its given me the time to do a little surfing whilst listening to the recordings! So what about the ease with which personal privacy can be breached now as discussed by David Lazarus, in a similar vein there is a nice article on "How to Protect Against Identity Theft" by Adam J. Elbirt in IEEE's latest Technology and Society Magazine. For Mac OS heads we have "Programming with Spotlight" and "Creating Spotlight Plugins". Here's a great piece on "Understanding Google's Conversion-Tracking Mechanism" which helps explain Google's Adwords and how the conversion rate can be tracked to give you a return on investment figure for your marketing spend.

In other news Diarmuid lost the party whip last night but didn't get expelled from Fine Gael and this can be seen as a slap across the wrist and shows that HQ did at least bother to listen to the stories and make their own mind up on the fiasco here in Limerick East.

Also really started on the Metamusic project so I'm brushing up on my skills with LISP for Music and generative composition.


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