Thursday, July 14, 2005

Thursday and a bit of a whirlwind tour

Well it was bound to happen, secure syndication via RSS and whilst on the topic of synication we have "Usability of Subscribing to Feeds". Here's a nice one called "How to End Wars Between Testers and Programmers", a little something on avoiding AJAX mistakes, more from Jeff Vreen on designing for the subtlety of Ajax.

Two good ones from World Changing on Mapping Politics which is again going back to the power of using mapping for policital objectives by following on from the Chicago Crime Map to the Iraq War Fatalities which is a Flash piece detailing the Coalition loss of life over the course of the conflict, up to June 27 of 2005. The second one is on spring_alpha which is an open source simulation society game which was design with drawings from Chad McCail and tells of a community's effort to establish a utopian society. (Detail Summary and Python Source Code)

Phrack is dead after too many years of service to the hacker community, it was a great publication and I'm sorry to see it go as it helped build the right sort of mentality as espoused by works such as Graham's "Hackers & Painters" (highly recommmended read).

In more happy news, we have Cory Doctrow realising his book "Someone comes to Town, someone leaves Town" online for free download and Charles Stross doing the very same with "Accelerando" and whilst this is a wonderful development I for one still intend to support the authors by buying paper copies.


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