Thursday, August 04, 2005

Major Flickr upload

Just added a bunch of old photos to my Flickr account but the tagging will have to wait!

Interesting article via Krispin on iPods on how they isolate. Joel on code quality between good and average programmers. A further follow up to the Indy Media computer seize.

More interesting stuff from Boxes and Arrows on "IA Challenges in Distributing Digital Audio". Worldchanging have a bunch of interesting stuff on Dropping Knowledge which aims to be a portal to the collective wisdom of the net, Future Democracy which talks about Dale Carrico and his views on technoprogressivism and on his latest essay "Live Long and Prosper: A Program of Technoprogressive Social Democracy", it also offers a space eye view on Disaster Relief from Space and new agreements on satellite information sharing for disaster relief.

From the HCI Series at Stanford we have "Interaction and Exhibit Design in Museums". On Ruby there is another cool Sparklines library.


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