Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Wednesday and back to biz

It's a sad day today with everyone's favorite Star Trek engineer, James Doohan or better know to us as the ever resourceful Mr Montgomery "Scotty" Scott beaming up to a better place, may he rest in peace.

On a lighter tone, we have Google celebrating the Moon landings go for the maximum zoom level!

I've been stuck looking at journals and pages like "Cellular automata and music" for a big Metamusic project meeting tomorrow. On a different vein there are three interesting ones from WorldChanging with articles on new devices for detecting and monitoring diseases using low cost systems, on the World Wildlife Fund's new Wildfinder system which allows people to find out about the habitats and details of over 30,000 species and a nice one on India's approach to green building.

On the podcast front there is Reinventing Radio talking about the BBC and their experiments with feedback mechanisms and over on the Rails front there is Dave Thomas giving a talk on (actual MP3) on how he became a pragmatic programmer and how he started on Ruby.

At least somebody is making progress on their PhD but I guess its time to figure out a plan.


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