Wednesday, December 28, 2005

VHI and rails

Looks like there is finally a bit of equality in the health insurance market with risk equalisation between VHI and BUPA. Its funny to hear BUPA's arguments as most of its senior executives are ex-VHI and were fully aware this equalisation was on the cards. The other funny point is that they're only using the Irish figures but if taken with the wider UK figures of BUPA a much more illuminating picture is revealed. The simple answer for BUPA is to set its prices in line with reality and the actual costs of providing health cover. Its looks like we'll be treated to a spin overdrive from BUPA and Vivas on this hot issue.

On some other fun notes I got Ruby on Rails working on Mac OS X and have been enjoying the examples in Agile Web Development with Rails. Its a big difference from my experiences with PHP and I can see why its cornering a very substantial slice of the web services market.

Christmas and the holidays are going well and so Happy New Year to all.


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