Monday, January 16, 2006

More ramblings

Worldchanging has again brightened my day and gives hope that at least some people are thinking about the future of this little planet with "GridWise" which talks is yet another project seeking to combine local power generation and pricing as the new way forward in power generation / power pricing models. There is also a nice one on "Green Marketing and the '4/40 Gap' which talks about using advertising to get over the problem where 4% of consumers buy eco-products that 40% say that would buy them.

Joel has two interesting posts this week on "How to Ship Anything" and a nice reading list for those interested in software managment. Reading the first one reminds me that I still have a Zebra printer from the Tellabs fire sale .. auction that is, that I should really find a use for and well it looks like I might now....

On the more technical side we have a nice one on Mac OS X's launchd (say bye to cron and init!), the latest changes to Ruby 1.9. From the interaction design side of the house we have a very good summary on redesigning a UI for a new purpose from Boxes and Arrows and you might also want to read HTML Wireframes and Prototypes.

Finally spare a thought for many residents in New Orleans who may not be allowed to rebuild their shattered homes.


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